Here's what performers and patrons of all ages have to say about MTA:

"Everything was top notch. If it wasn't the last performance, I would have seen it again." - E.S.

"I have been performing in shows at MTA for the past ten years. In that time, I have had so many wonderful experiences and have met so many amazing people. Not only has MTA helped me to improve at singing, dancing, and acting, but it has also shaped me into who I am today. I have learned about the importance of being prepared and on time, discovered how to be a leader, and most importantly, how to be myself and follow my dreams. Musical Theatre of Anthem is so much more to me than just a community theatre, it is my second home and I would not be who I am today without it." - McKenna Carlson

"I'm telling you, I've been all over the world and I have never, never heard anything that is better than this." - U.S. Ambassador David Bolen

"Growing up and still today, MTA has given me a home away from home, introduced me to my childhood role models, and helped me form lifelong friendships. Even though I haven't pursued musical theater, I gained countless transferable skills such as public speaking, confidence, and the fact that I am always 10 minutes early." - Taylor Ellsworth

"I was a part of MTA from the ages of 10-18 and I can't imagine my life without it! MTA taught me how to be professional in any setting, how to work with different kinds of people, and that there are no small parts only small actors ;). All of those things helped me throughout high school, college, and the real world! I'm now pursuing my music career and I am so grateful for the way MTA set me up for pursuing my dream!!" - Maddison Lopez

"We have had the pleasure of being a part of the "MTA family" for nearly a decade. All three of my daughters have participated in countless shows and workshops. Over the years I have loved knowing that my children are in a safe, fun, and educational environment. I firmly believe that MTA's "every youth performer cast" philosophy has given my kids the opportunity to learn and grow and truly develop a passion for theatre. The production staff is top notch and the productions are a delight for performers and patrons alike." - Karen Kelly-Davis

"As I get ready to graduate from Wagner College with a degree in Theatre Performance, I can't help but thank MTA for all they did for me. MTA helped me decide that I wanted to pursue a career in theatre. They taught me not only about performing but how to be a good person in life and in a professional setting. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities MTA gave me and the friendships that will last a lifetime!" - Maggie Eley

"MTA changed my life. It was here that I discovered my passion, was given an incomparable education on the business of theatre, and met an army of role models and life long friends that I know will forever have my back through anything. I can hardly imagine what my life would be without all this theatre has given me. It is my home away from home, my safe space, and the place that helped me grow into the person and performer that I am today. I will soon graduate with my Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre and continue to pursue this crazy career. Thank you to MTA and it's incredible instructors for giving me the skill sets, love, and confidence to be able to do so." - Julia Kelly-Davis

"For the past 10 years MTA has been an incredibly supportive and enriching community for us. Performing together as a family is such a gift and we appreciate that MTA has given us that opportunity. The staff is top notch and they push each performer to be the best they can be, resulting in amazing shows that showcase local talent. MTA stresses to even the youngest of performers that each production is a team effort that requires respect and effort by every cast member to succeed. Ann Emilie and Tor have also treasured the chance to give back through performing for community outreach." - The Tjorhom Family

"MTA provided me with a family and a community that lifted me up and supported me no matter what. I made lifelong friendships and connections with people of all ages. Most importantly, MTA gave me an outlet to create. From the very first moments I performed with MTA, I knew I wanted to perform and do musical theatre for the rest of my life. I will always be grateful for the lessons and truths I learned here." - Jayda Mendiola

"Although musical theatre is not my career choice I feel prepared for my life moving forward. I attribute my successes thus far and in the future to MTA and the individual it has allowed me to become! I have learned many skills such as time management, public speaking, self confidence, and the ability to take risks and not be afraid of anything standing in my way. MTA does not only teach you musical theatre skills and techniques, but MTA teaches you to achieve greatness in whichever path you choose. Don't worry everyone, I still plan to be on Saturday Night Live someday." - Samantha Pear

"Our community is so lucky to have such an amazing organization and such talented instructors. Our kids are gaining so much self-confidence, organization, friendship and learning commitment while having fun (among many other things)." - Yolanda Iniguez

"Many thanks to the production and cast of Annie. A wonderful show, beautifully executed, full of talent and skill. A great benefit to the community of Anthem. Please extend our warmest appreciation to the two Annie leads, Lily Castle and Madeline Wessel, for a job well done. I had the opportunity of seeing both Lily and Madeline perform, and I must say I felt like I was on broadway. Hats off to the hundreds of cast members, musicians, and staff of MTA for another job well done. Keep it coming! We love it." - Robert Linder, Board of Directors, Anthem Community Council

"I have only been at MTA for one year and I've already learned so much! The producer/director, Ms. Jackie, only hires the best people to create the shows and they all work really hard to make sure everyone gets a moment to shine. MTA is a big home where everyone works together and the end result is always fantastic! I never want to go anywhere else." - Anya Rogers

"I am so happy to have found MTA. I know I am loved, taught, safe, and assured much fun when I'm at rehearsals! I feel that everyone involved in the productions are one big family! The friendly environment makes me feel comfortable to be myself, so I never hold back. I know that the directors are there to help me grow as a performer and want to see me shine! The amazing opportunities I have been given make me want to be a part of every show in the future! All of the extraordinary directors bring something new to each show making sure that every performer has a memorable experience. MTA helped me find my passion in life- Performing. Thanks MTA for helping me become the person I am today!" - Kailyn Toussaint

"I love MTA so much. I've had so much fun in the 5 shows I've done and I've made so many friends! All of the directors are so nice. I am so happy I started MTA. It's so great. The dancing is so fun and I love the singing! I can't wait for all the other shows I'm going to do!" - Julia Toussaint

"Jackie's stellar artistic direction has developed our 11 year old daughter into an emerging singer and actress. Most importantly, she truly cares about everyone in MTA where all players are special." - Lyle Kishbaugh

"MTA is such a great way to learn more about theatre and performing with people who are fun to be around. Every show I have been involved in there has been such a great experience for me! The shows are high quality and the directors that are brought in always bring something new and interesting to the theatrical experience as a whole." - Zac Coffey

"I had a great experience with my performance and the rehearsals at MTA's inaugural performance in September. I learned a lot about stage performing and acting and how it all comes together. I enjoyed all of my fellow performers and working with the directors. I would say to anyone, please consider MTA as one of the most if not the most professional Musical Theatre Company in which to act and sing in the entire State of Arizona." - Martha Kohler

"From doing the MTA summer camp, I really had a great experience and a good time. Jackie Hammond put together a really great show just in two weeks! I also learned about a lot of different types of Broadway Music and a bit of sight singing. I used to really struggle with choreography but MTA really helped me with it and answered my questions. I can not wait to audition for future performances to learn and help me with my voice and choreography." - Olivia Freeman

"MTA has offered me the opportunity to reconnect with the stage and with people from all walks of life. It brings children and adults together to appreciate, create, and grow in one of the most unique forms of art. I have seen myself, and all of those involved in the shows, grow in this craft. When we have such a wonderful environment to work in, it makes me want to put my whole heart into what we are creating and that's what MTA does. I have loved working with all the talented performers involved in MTA as well as the support from the directors and Mrs. Jackie Hammond. The Musical Theatre of Anthem is truly an organization dedicated to bringing the arts and the community together." - Sarah Brayer

MTA was named Non-Profit of the Year by the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce for 2021. The Non-Profit of the Year award recognizes the valuable, mission-driven contributions made through service and leadership among Anthem area non-profits. Accepting the award is Grant Writer and Office Coordinator Karen Gallagher.